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The Galapagos of Peru


Inhabitants of Islas Ballestas

After almost four hours of a dusty ride across largely barren landscape that stretches south of Lima along Peru’s Pacific coast I was ready for a break and I found a perfect spot to do so. Paracas National Reserve may not be as famous as Machu Picchu or Nazca Lines but it is a very special place. For one, it’s the only marine reservation of Peru, where amazing abundance of sea life meets the country’s rugged coast. Only in a few places on earth the desert touches the ocean in such a spectacular way.

Islas Ballestas – the Ballestas Islands – are rocky outcrops just off the Paracas Peninsula. They can only be reached by boat from Paracas or Pisco (yes, as in pisco sour). And due to benevolence of the nutrient-rich Humboldt Current that washes the Peruvian coast, they are blessed with an amazing abundance of sea and bird wildlife. As the boat moves swiftly toward the islands, it becomes clear that they have no inhabitants other than sea lions, porpoises, and birds – LOTS of birds. Read the rest of this entry