Best of cherry blossoms


Japanese cherry blossoms were planted around Washington’s Tidal Basin in 1912 as a gift of friendship between the two nations. Actually, the initial batch of 2,000 trees arrived two years earlier but became infested with pests and had to be destroyed – fortunately the second attempt was successful. Ever since every spring cherry blossoms draw crowds of enthusiasts and photographers to DC, myself included. Each year they also inspire dozens of haiku writers to capture the special moments courtesy of the delicate blossoms. I have to say given what’s going on in here this one (submitted to the Washington Post by dmor) is my favorite:

“Beautiful flowers
Pretty and ephemeral as

This year the timing and the weather didn’t quite work out for the optimal peak blooming viewing of the cherry blossoms – at least for me. So instead of trying to scramble for miserable shots of half-fallen blooms, I hereby present my best of collection from the last few years. Following in the footsteps of past generations…

Photographers along the Tidal Basin, 1922 (Image: LOC)

Classic view of cherry-framed Jefferson Memorial

A new perspective

Japanese Lantern beside the Tidal Basin

Blossoms up close

Oh so pretty

Pink cherry

Pink everywhere!

Washington Monument against incredibly blue sky

Washington panorama

Cherry blossom sunset

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  1. Very nice!! I don’t think the weather worked out for anybody this year – I went last weekend, and most of the buds were still closed, and I went again today and most tries were almost past blooming? It was my first year here in DC for this so I was a bit disappointed… so your beautiful photos are very uplifting 🙂

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