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A frog, a church, and a volcano


Playa Cocles

There is so much to tell about Costa Rica, whether you’ve been there for just a few days or for months so like everyone else I have to prioritize. I chose three places that capture some of my most enchanting moments there: Puerto Viejo area, town of Orosi, and the IrazĂș Volcano.

Playa Cocles is a slice of paradise. Stretched along a dusty road south of Puerto Viejo on the Atlantic coast, it is wild and beautiful and yet only four hours away by car from San JosĂ©. Thanks to Costa Rica’s laws that make the first 50 meters past the high tide mark public land, no one can own a beach anywhere in the country, saving the pristine stretches of sand and coastal vegetation from ugly commercial development. No hotel fronts, no soda stands, no beach chairs. Perfect! Read the rest of this entry