My name is Ania. I grew up in Poland and now live in Washington, DC – and travel when I get a chance. This is not a travel blog. I don’t intend to review restaurants, recommend hotels, or outline sample itineraries. Lonely Planet does it better. Instead, the idea for this blog is to be a lapidarium of sorts – a place to store fragments of travel-inspired thoughts, experiences, and images, plus an occasional rant.

My life spans a bi-continental existence between Poland and the U.S. – well, mostly the latter recently. And this is why I write this blog:

1) I love experiencing new countries and new cultures, crossing the borders beyond geography;
2) I enjoy taking photos and want to preserve unique moments in unique places;
3) I don’t consider something that happened more than 10 years ago ancient history.

I like to think about travel as a 4D experience, a space-time thing. It’s not just about what’s around me but how what I’m looking at, listening to, and tasting has been shaped. It’s not about how far I go – sometimes the most intriguing finds are right next door. And I hope at least occasionally I manage to capture something about all those places worth sharing here (and on Flickr). Unless otherwise indicated, all photos on this blog are my own.


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  1. Hi Ania! Thank you for visiting my blog “Eyes to Heart” and liking my post “The White House …” I appreciate you stopping by and leaving the feedback. Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  2. Interesting blog. As you spend more time in our country, hopefully your stereotype of Americans will change. — From an American who speaks 5 languages, has traveled to 31 countries, and is a scholar of ancient history and philosophy

  3. I just came across this blog and it’s awesome. I like how you projected it as a non travel blog. I am starting to write a blog myself since I am a travel maniac and will have my up coming Trans-Africa trip. I do not intend to make it a travel blog either as I think lonely planet have much better review also:P. I l agree blog should express an idea of the author:))….and LOVE the way you define the meaning of travel.Keep it up:)


  4. Great content! Would love to see more of Spain through your camera. How about swinging by the Canary Islands? or come and visit us in Barcelona region! It’s on the house.

  5. Ania, Dzienkuje bardzo. I grew up in a Polish Canadian environment and suffered muchly with a very long last name. (14 letters looking for a vowel ! ) Maszczakiewicz. I enjoy you viewpoint. . thank you. Jadwiga Elzbieta. ( Now known as Liz Othman)

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