Celebrating the gift of trees


cherry blossomsLast year around this time I pulled together the best of my cherry blossom shots from past seasons. It’s time to augment the collection with fresh images of these delicate and ephemeral blossoms that I never get tired of. Spring is finally here in Washington after a long wait, and with it the blossoms are in full force. So are the throngs of visitors but I tried my best to crop them out and fill the whole frame with white, pink, and blue. This poem captures the mood of today well…

“Shining spring day
Falling cherry blossoms with my calm mind”
~ Kino Tomonari

cherry blossoms

Oh so pretty…

cherry blossoms

Jefferson Memorial surrounded by the blossoms

cherry blossoms

The pink flood…

cherry blossoms

…and the flood of white

cherry blossoms

The scent of this tree is heavenly!

cherry blossoms

Washington Monument framed by cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing celebrates the blossoms

Sweet Lobby

And this is a plug for an awesome local business: The Sweet Lobby (404 8th Street SE). Best cupcakes ever – of course including cherry blossom flavor to fit the occasion

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