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Redescovering Frederick


Weinberg Center in Frederick, MD

When wanderlust drives us to dream about far-off places, it is good to remember that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to experience something new and interesting. In fact, many places that you might have been passing next to without much thought have a lot to offer upon closer inspection. For me, one such place has been Frederick, Maryland. Only about 50 miles north of Washington, for years it has been a stop to stretch my legs when returning to DC from a longer car trip. But it never was a destination in and of itself. Until this weekend.

Frederick is older than the United States. Founded in 1745 by German immigrants, the city quickly became an important intersection of trade routes. In 1804, it was the staging ground for Lewis and Clark’s expedition West (known as Fredericktown back then). Later the city’s location put it in the center of Civil War struggles, with both Union and Confederate troops passing through on their way to the bloodbath at nearby Antietam in 1862 and to the fateful battle¬†of Gettysburg¬†in July 1863. Read the rest of this entry