Best sunset ever


IMG_8328There are many places around the world known for beautiful sunsets. Pristine beaches, remote islands, rugged mountains, skyscraper-spiked cityscapes… Everybody has their favorite spot and so do I: the incredible evening light show over Manila Bay. I’m in good company. For one, General Douglas MacArthur who rose to the rank of the Philippines’ most beloved hero after first defending the country against the Japanese invasion during WWII – unsuccessfully – and then in 1945 freeing the islands from the brutal occupation and thus fulfilling his famous “I shall return” promise. Before the war, when he was the Military Advisor to the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines from 1935-1941, he made Manila Hotel his home. The hotel sits right on the bay and offers a great vantage point to admire fiery sunsets. MacArthur’s penthouse suite is still available for rent for… ugh, USD 2,500/night.

But you don’t have to go broke to enjoy an exquisite Manila Bay sunset – the show is free of charge as long as you can get close to the water. Here is a fellow blogger’s tip for a spot on the Manila Bay Promenade behind the Mall of Asia. Pretty much anywhere along the bay-side strip of the busy Roxas Boulevard works. My viewing place was delightful Sunset Bar at Sofitel. Sit back, relax, and enjoy…

Manila Bay

The light show is about to begin…

Manila Bay

So many colors!

Manila Bay

No surprise it’s a favorite background for wedding pictures

Manila Bay

The sky on fire

Manila Bay

I mean the WHOLE sky!

The eternal struggle between light and darkness...

The eternal struggle between light and darkness…

I can't believe it's not a painting!

I can’t believe it’s not a painting!

Wow (no comment needed)

Wow (no comment needed)

Manila Bay

Liquid, melting sky… Good night!

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