Let it snow…


snowAs someone who grew up in Poland, I’m no stranger to snow. LOTS of snow. But in DC a significant snowfall that sticks is a rare occurrence. A dusting now and then, sometimes an inch or two of accumulation that lasts a few days, maybe just one or two big snowstorms during the season – or none at all. As the Northeast is being pounded with a serious blizzard, we have been spared this time. But even though it’s a dry and sunny day here, watching dramatic images from up north makes me think of snow-covered Washington. This is a collection of photos from different years and different snowstorms, including the mother of them all – February 2010 “snowmaggedon.” Enjoy!

Snowy Capitol

Snowy Capitol

Supreme Court buried under more than an avalanche of cases

Supreme Court buried under more than a number of cases

Won't be driving anywhere today...

Won’t be driving anywhere today…

Fresh snow is always so beautiful - I don't want to disturb it!

Fresh snow is always so beautiful – I don’t want to disturb it!

One of my favorite snow-related memories comes from the “snowmageddon” time when the city shut down for a week. Months before, we bought Ford’s Theatre tickets to see The Rivalry, a great play by Norman Corwin exploring Lincoln-Douglas debates. I love this historic theater and I was looking forward to the play but on the day of I had full expectation of it being cancelled. The city was brought to a virtual standstill, with federal government and most offices closed, streets unpassable, and many people without power. Yet, to my great surprise when I called Ford’s Theatre, they said the show is still on. But how would we get there? Fortunately the metro was running a limited, underground-only service. So we made our trek trough white Capitol Hill to Union Station…

Capitol Hill
Food was another concern. We had our basic supplies back home but we really wanted a dinner out to complete the experience. Unbelievably, an atmospheric French restaurant right across the street from Ford’s Theatre, Bistro d’Oc, was open! Confit de canard maison never tasted so good =)

The theater looked magical, snowflakes and all…

Ford's Theatre

The play was excellent, and surprisingly well attended given the circumstances. And of course at Ford’s there is always a sensation of one more person being in the audience…

Ford's Theatre

It was a glorious evening followed by an equally beautiful morning!

Capitol Hill

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